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I marvel at the psychology involved in this.

Over the years I've discovered that when using my Harbor Freight tire changer it's about twice as easy to do a car tire as it is a motorcycle tire. Up until recently I was an Airhead guy and all my tires had tubes--I'm not even going to attempt a tubeless motorcycle tire.

Before the assembly is even mounted on the changer it's obviously lots easier to dismount (and remount) a car wheel/tire than it is a motorcycle wheel/tire (especially fronts). No worries messing up brake rotors on cars, either.

So, if the number of times one had to change tires was the same, it would suggest doing car tires at home before doing motorcycle tires. But hardly anybody does. (No, you don't need alignment.)

Even given that cars have twice as many tires, it's probably still more expensive in the long run to pay the labor for professional bike tire service because, indeed, bike tires are changed more often. But, offset that with the fact it's REALLY expensive to purchase pro-grade tools for home use and it's REALLY difficult to do a pro-quality job with anything else, where's the point? It may be there but IMHO it's pretty weak.

And it's dubious whether much of this relates to road emergencies, either. Plugging isn't related at all and you simply can't carry enough air power to seat a tubeless bead if that's what's needed. The fact it's a little more feasible for old-timers with tubes really doesn't translate well to modern bikes, either. Methinks you'll be calling a professional and truck transportation.

Well, yes, perhaps cars are utilitarian and motorcycles are toys and there's some sort of guilt in spending too $$ much on toys. (But not personal time--we work cheap) There should be none of that, however, and, yes doing it oneself can be just more fun for the sake of fun, but changing tires? I say life's too short and my time's too valuable.
Thats why I like to work on my bikes.But when it costs more for me to work on it than a mech(tools,supplies,pissed off spouse),I will let the tech handle it.Thats why I am trying to keep this on the cheap.I don't get bruised knouckes,I always used gloves when changing tires as a mech.