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Thread: Nick Ienatsch's "The Pace".

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    Nick Ienatsch's "The Pace".

    This is the link to possibly the most succint explanation of THE way to ride, from The Motorcyclist magazine.
    It is the way I ride, and the style I encourage all riders to work towards. I'm putting the link up here to promote discussion, thoughts, responses and reactions (but was asked to delete the treatie due to possible copyright concerns).

    When i first read it, several decades ago... I was elated that someone as skilled, talented and as obviously intelligent as Nick I. had put my very concept of riding into print, and on a national stage, to boot!

    Read here:
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    The iconic article explaining one of the most miss-understood forms of riding.

    ...The Pace focuses on bike control and de-emphasizes outright speed. ...Performance street riding's only yardstick is the amount of enjoyment gained, not lap times, finishing position or competitors beaten.

    I have had the good fortune to be able to log many thousands of miles touring the US and Canada yet the most memorable ride experience was on a sunny Saturday afternoon on a Rustic Road in NW Wisconsin. I had made one pass each way earlier in the day this time was the start of the trip home. Five miles plus of tight turns at low speed and no braking required with PACE resulted in sMiles that have kept me sportriding for years.
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    Yes indeed, great article, and THE way to ride. Probably the reason I still have a license.
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    Sport riding techniques : How to develop real world skills for speed, safety and confidence on the street and track by Nick Ienatsch with forward by Kenny Roberts. David Bull Publishing, 2003. ISBN 1-893618-07-2

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