I was going to add this to my previous thread about replacing a headlight bulb, but the problem with having no low beam while the switch is on has been fixed.

I replaced the bulb, which did not fix the problem, I then opened up the left side switch, all wires were in place and it was clean.
I then put a voltmeter to the high beam yellow wire and got a 12 volt reading. On the low beam white wire I got no voltage at all.

My thought was that the problem was not the switch, but in the plug in that goes to the switch as there was no current to the white wire that operates the low beam.

I decided to supply 12 volts directly to the switch ground and the white wire to see if the low beam would work, it did. This confirmed that the problem was no voltage getting to the low beam wire in the switch.

I then put the switch back on the bike and then turned the switch on to make sure that the high beam, turn signals and horn still worked. The low beam now works.

Is there a relay in the low beam curcuit that may have been jolted back into operating again from having 12 volts applied to it?
If there is a relay, should it be replaced?

While I'm glad to have the lights working again, It's not a good feeling when things seem to fix themselves.