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Brook & NCS - take a look at the rear master cylinder actuator rod and make sure there is freeplay in the pedal. If the pedal stop was adjusted to push the pedal down without shortening the actuator rod, the rear brake may never release fully. Likewise, if you ride with your boot covering the pedal, you may always be depressing it slightly.
Thanks for the prompt to check. I have in the past and it has free play. I tend to ride with ball of foot on the peg, not covering or beside the rear pedal. I have a buddy whose boot edge will catch the pedal and depress it lightly even though he thinks his foot is clear of the pedal.

As for the other remarks. Yes when doing rapid transitions as in 140>50 the brakes are heavily used along with down shifting to be in proper gear. I have been amazed at how hard you can brake and have it feel like your eyes are bulging out in front. GRIN.

For riding in the mountains (or just places where you are changing speeds up and down very frequently) I am usually above 1/2 to rev limit (9400 rpms and K12RS has not flywheel) in riding. Roll off throttle at 8000 rpms and the bike slows and you roll on throttle as you settle into the beginning of turn. Very little brake. If needing more slowing yes use the front. Same if bike is at 5000, not so much response if at 2800.

For most planned stops coming off Interstate, up ramp, a few down shifts brings the bike to below 25 easily. I do touch brakes lightly mainly for flashing rear brake light.

All that to say, yeah I use brakes, yes I use revs. very very seldom use rear brake alone. yes check pads as no early warning system on K12RS. Wear pattern remains constant on rear at 15k>18k. Yes I think that is too often. It is what it is however.

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