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for clarification purposes brook, when you say that the "EBC units" need replacing... are you talking about your EBC pads, or your EBC rotors?
if rotors.. something is wrong (either with your style of usage or the rotors themselves), as they should last well more than 2 years. if pads.. there are numrous aftermarket pads that people are happy with, along with the OEM units.
Sorry I didn't get back to the board until now.

The rotors (original BMW) were gone in 60,000 miles, front and rear. Too soon IMHO. I am not a heavy braker,

The EBC replacement rotors have been on for about 2 years and about 18,000 miles. Rear rotor is now at 4.4 mm so beyond wear limit of 4.5. Pads were gone on the rear in about 14,000 miles. Unreasonable.

So, I'm not feeling happy with BMW or EBC these days, hence the question about any other experience with aftermarket rotors/pads.