I have my '84 R80ST apart to lube the transmission input shaft splines and replace a leaking neutral switch, but I need some guidance from the gurus on the actuator linkage and throwout bearing. . . the parts fiche is a little unclear on this.

After removing the arm and pulling everything out, the boot was crunchy and clearly had leaked a bit. The old cupped bearing looked a bit dodgy . . .so I ordered a new 'old style' bearing (07 11 9 984 020) from the fiche. What I received has 3 pieces--the bearings in a plastic cage, and two grooved raceway bushings.

At first, this didnt look like what came out of the hole. The bearing cage I removed is metal and cupped, and neither raceway bushing came free when I took it apart. I dug around in the piston and found that one of the raceways was stuck there, and pulled it out. The other raceway seems firmly affixed to the end of the pushrod.

My gut feeling, since the boot was leaking and the old parts have some rust, is that this inner raceway is just rusted onto the pushrod and a good twist with the needlenose pliers will pop it off the rod. Then, I'd have 3 pieces more or less the same as what I received. But before I use brute force. . . ..were some of these made with that inner raceway bushing pressed onto, or built into, the end of the push rod? The fiche has none of this. And if my gut is wrong and I go with the brute force approach, chances are I'm gonna be replacing the rod, which means pulling the tranny, etc. etc. Plus these parts are expensive.

It looks like the parts were changed in '88 to a piston with an integral bearing . . .

Here's the piston, old cupped bearing and one raceway. . . alongside the new bearing.