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Thread: K1300S tire recommendation: PR2, PR3, Metz Z8, Pirelli Angles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjack View Post
    We get around 8K with M3 and Avon Storm 2...I think speed is a primary issue with tire wear
    We never speed
    Another factor is the road surface. We usually take a spring trip to the Texas Hill Country and those chip seal roads down there really chew up tires fast.
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    Hard to go wrong

    Thumbs up to the PR2tc. Good tread life, even on the back with some spirited riding in the twisties. Haven't tried the others, but I doubt the Pilots will be a bitter disappointment.
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    I have the Pirelli Angel GT A specs on my 2015 Motorsports K1300S. Waaay better than stock.

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