Almost as bad as an oil thread. I have been going back and forth on what tires to order this time around. As background, rider 210, no passengers, light luggage, riding a combination of playing somewhat aggresively in the hills/curves of SW Wisconsin and slabbing it to see the kids out-of-state.

Original M3s felt great in the corners but only made it to 3800. Looking for greater mileage put on Z8s, lost some of the secure feeling in the corners, had to replace rear after 5000 with the cords showing with no warning (virtually no wear bars in center of the tread that I ever saw). Z8's replaced with M5s because when the Z8 cords started showing was 200 miles from home, looking at rain and M5s where the only tires dealer had in stock. M5s feel better than the Z8s and but will be gone by 4500.

Generally don't travel in the rain unless forced to, given that, is there any reason I should chose the PR3s over the PR2s if I discount the wet traction? Has anyone had any two of the three brands/models (PR, Z8, Angles) and what was you impression and would chose over the other and why?

Thanks in advance for your feedback. Randy