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    And then there is the Apache Instant Tent,I've got the four man(9'x7' x6'2" high) it has plenty of room and it sets up quickly.Google it they have a web site. I have the Mountain Hardware Light Wedge3,great tent for someone with younger knees.It's small.

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    Here is a decent used tent for sale in Canada

    Here is a link to the tent for sale.

    Mountain Equipment Coop is a good source for tents and other camping gear.

    I have the 3 person version of this tent and it is good.

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    Ultralight Tent - Big Agnes

    I'm a high elevation Sierra Nevada backpacker and a rider of an F800ST. I have found that the best tents when weight and packing size are important (like on my F800 or hiking at 12,000 feet) are the Big Agnes ultralight backpacking tents... they are awesome. They come in 2-, 3- and 4-person sizes, are lightweight (a few pounds) and pack small. The quality and stability in bad weather are great. Whatever you buy, don't waste your money on a cheap tent that will fall apart when you open the zipper, leak when it rains or collapse the first time the wind blows... you'll probably be better off with a coated piece of nylon securely strung between two trees. REI is a great place to look at what's available and read reviews. Mountain Hardware is another good line as well as several other manufacturers that specialize in lightweight, high quality backpacking equipment.

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    I have this one:

    Marmot Astral 2P

    There is a 3P version as well. Very nice tent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cchoc View Post

    There is a 3P version as well. Very nice tent.
    I have the 3P, I agree it is a very nice tent.

    If you buy the footprint you can set the fly up without the tent.

    I often set it up this way, there is more floor space and more air movement when it is warm. If it is raining, I set up the fly first and then add the tent. The tent stays dry this way. When the weather permits, I set the tent up without the fly.

    It has a large vestibule in the front, and a smaller vestibule in the back. If two are using the tent, you each have an entrance/exit so there is no climbing over each other. I keep gear in the front vestibule. In the morning I make coffee in the rear vestibule.

    Marmot has a lifetime warranty on their tents, the tent I have now was a replacement for an earlier purchase that had a warranty issue.
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    When choosing a tent don't forget to consider the volume of the gear (clothing, paniers, riding suit, helmet, toiletries, tank bag, sleeping bag, mattress, etc) that you will want to have in the tent with you.

    Also park your motorcycle so that if it should tip over it will not fall on the tent & thus you. A 500lb+ motorcycle falling on you is almost certain to cause serious physical harm to your body. The bike itself is better off not falling over as well.

    On the Sidestand leaning away from the tent is my first choice, parking a few more feet away helps as well. High winds, and the soil under the stand compressing gradually or becoming unstable after being saturated by rain need to be considered.

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