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    In June I am riding to Idaho from Iowa. We are going to camp . Can anyone recommend a decent two person tent that goes up fast and wont break the bank. nothing to big .I dont want junk . I am turning to all of you for advice. Thanks Steve from Iowa

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    Do you plan on putting gear in the tent with you? If so you will need a 3 or 4 person tent (depending on ya'll's sizes). I'm a Kelty fan personally. They build quality gear that won't break your wallet in half.

    This is the tent I currently use

    Below are some links to two of the best online retailers for outdoor gear out there with a search for 2,3 and 4 person tents. You pretty much can't go wrong with any tent these places sell so just pick one in your price range and read the reviews.

    And than another link to the Kelty site with a search of the same things.|4-person

    I do backpacking and whatnot too, and use my backpacking gear for motorcycle use too so weight is a concern for me. One of the main areas that drives tent cost up is weight savings. Generally as price goes up weight goes down and as price goes down weights go up.

    You can also see improvements in ventilation which helps cut down on condensation forming on the rain fly or inside skin of the tent. Some of the really cheap tents are really bad about condensation because f bad ventilation.

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    Cabela's XPG Deluxe

    I've been using a Cabela's XPG Deluxe 4-Person tent for the last 2 years and I'm
    quite pleased, it's the best tent I've ever used. It is absolutely waterproof and
    rolls up to a reasonable size and weighs about 9-10 pounds as I recall. I took it
    from Maine to North Carolina and back, no problem. Lots of room for one person
    and gear and would easily work for 2 people with limited gear. Watch Cabela's website
    and flyers closely because they frequently have sales on their stuff. I bought my tent on
    sale and paid quite a bit less than the regular retail price that they are quoting here.
    Another good place to look for stuff is, there is always a %20 discount
    code on the web somewhere for their site and the stuff they carry is good stuff.
    Good luck with you choice and your trip.

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    I never hesitate to spend serious bucks if it means a high-quality product. At the same time, I've seen too many examples of products being "high-end" simply because of their brand name, and don't throw my $$$ at them just for the bragging rights.

    I have motorcycle tented at MOA rallies in Wyoming, Tennessee and Pennsylvania - all in quality products that withstood foul weather, lots of rain, high winds and nasty conditions.

    My source: Wal-Mart or Amazon, for Coleman tents.

    Never spent over $75 - i.e. the Coleman Sundome 4-Person Tent!

    Roomy (with 2 people, you need a 4-person tent, so space for all the gear), well-ventilated, no need for additional ground cloth, electrical access port, well-constructed, waterproof, etc.

    Just say'in.
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    Sierra Trading Post & Sportsmans Guide are a couple more as is ebay if you know the item well. I prefer "free standing" tents.
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    I have a REI Taj 3 person tent which I really like a lot but would like to have a little taller tent for maybe standing up and changing. Although the taj is a fine tent, we purchased a Big Agnes King Creek 4. A little taller, folds up compact, waterproof, great in wind and is my around favorite tent now. There is lots of room inside, I can stand up to change and is just really nice. It won't break you either. My wife and I can put it up in about 10 minutes without breaking into a sweat. That includes putting the stakes in. Great tent for the price at about $275.00 if you look around. Excellent quality. We also put a fold-up carpet in the vestibule so we don't track grass and dirt in. Works great.

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    One thought is to buy a tent that is one size bigger than the number of people who will use it. ie If is just you get a 2 person, if you have a partner to share get a 3 person etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by 178000 View Post
    In June I am riding to Idaho from Iowa. We are going to camp . Can anyone recommend a decent two person tent that goes up fast and wont break the bank. nothing to big .I dont want junk . I am turning to all of you for advice. Thanks Steve from Iowa

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    +2 on the Nemo Losi 3P

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    Quote Originally Posted by garthw View Post
    One thought is to buy a tent that is one size bigger than the number of people who will use it. ie If is just you get a 2 person, if you have a partner to share get a 3 person etc.
    It's a fact, not just a thought.
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    I have a backpacking tent Seirra designs clip flashlight that I used for years but since my bike now carries the weight instead of me I use a Kelty Salida 4 tent . I travel alone but it gives me plenty of room for my gear and enough room for me to sit up in a camp chair if the weather gets bad. I like having the room and the height is nice when getting dressed. I paid about $120.00 on sale
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    Probably not a problem n June but I always look for screens that go close to the ground. I hate trying to sleep on a warm night with any breeze blowing a foot or two above me.

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    My current favorites:)

    Kelty Gunnison's 2,3and 4 man versions. And the "Big Fat Frog" sold by REI. Lately, 2 doors(2 vestibules) have been to my liking. The latter Frog has one, but very cool tent. Ive had the smaller "Tadpole" version of the BFFrog for the last 20+ years by REI and its so bomb proof, cant kill it! So many tents and choices, from very little dollars spent to no sky's the limit spent. I go for the middle of the road $$$'s spent for some resemblance of quality. Cannot convince me a 50$ General Store tent is equal to a 200+$ one at a REI.,etc. kind a place. No comparison, if you are a REAL camper, all kinds of weather, 4 seasons. I am the latter, camping off my m/c bikes now for near 50 years. Since before computers, pocket phones and most other comforts we share today. Join me, camp in Salem at the Rally. Me and my GSA1200 sleep in the same patch of grass. Randy

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    Cabelas XPG !

    Had the Cabelas xpg 4 person four years now, it has withstood many severe wind and rain storms, packs nice, with a little extra room.
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    3 person tent fits me just right

    I have a Mountain Hardware Wedge supposedly big enough for 3 people.
    After setting up camp and getting my panniers unpacked and into the tent there isn't any room for person number 2 but I'm really comfortable.

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    Ultralight Tent - Big Agnes

    I'm a high elevation Sierra Nevada backpacker and a rider of an F800ST. I have found that the best tents when weight and packing size are important (like on my F800 or hiking at 12,000 feet) are the Big Agnes ultralight backpacking tents... they are awesome. They come in 2-, 3- and 4-person sizes, are lightweight (a few pounds) and pack small. The quality and stability in bad weather are great. Whatever you buy, don't waste your money on a cheap tent that will fall apart when you open the zipper, leak when it rains or collapse the first time the wind blows... you'll probably be better off with a coated piece of nylon securely strung between two trees. REI is a great place to look at what's available and read reviews. Mountain Hardware is another good line as well as several other manufacturers that specialize in lightweight, high quality backpacking equipment.

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