I was looking at the Yankee Beemer event calendar to make sure I schedule my weekends so that I can get to the Frosty Nuts Rally this year, and I see a familiar graphic advertising their NYC bus trip for the show. At first I thought maybe it was generic, and that our team (LCBC Freedom Riders) added our name to the bottom, but if you blow up the picture on the YB website, you clearly see "LCBC Freedom Riders". Planned to point it out to just them, but their website and email are being worked on and no matter how many times I hit "send", it would not go. I don't really care, as I didn't make the graphic, (if I did, it wouldn't have a Sportster on it). I found it funny that they would not have a BMW on their announcement.

So when is this year's Frosty Nuts rally?