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Thread: Throttle Return Spring Tension

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    Throttle Return Spring Tension

    Is it just me or is the throttle return spring pretty strong? I've only ridden a few other bikes (primarily my Piaggio BV250) but the throttle on the C650 may very well give me carpal tunnel syndrome or some other damage to my right hand/wrist/arm! I kept cramping up during a 100-mile ride yesterday and fortunately had a throttle lock so I could rest it occasionally. I'm going in for my 600-mile service on Saturday and will mention it (in case it can be adjusted) but wasn't sure if anybody else had the same experience. Or maybe I should get one of those grip-strengthening devices and just deal with it

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    throttle sl larger than other scoots and yes i agree it may be slightly tight . . . will see if it loosens up a little

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    Mine is not hard at all, easy to turn with two fingers, and goes back to idle if I release my grip.

    Much less effort than the throttle on my R1200.

    Is as easy to operate as the couple of scooters I tried when I bought mine.

    I think yours might have a problem.


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