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Thread: ERC - Anyone heard back

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    Question ERC - Anyone heard back

    I sent my check a month ago and haven't heard anything back. Has anyone heard anything about which class they are in?

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    Rich Ahlstrom is in charge of the ERC courses at the rally. Here at the MOA HQ, I'm receiving the registration forms and checks, and sending the forms on to Rick and the checks to Roger Wiles of the Foundation (the Foundation is sponsoring the ERCs).

    Rick and I have discussed when he might receive the last of the registration forms. The forms must be postmarked on or before this past Monday but it may take a few days for the USPS to get the last of them to us. At that point he'll do the final scheduling.

    You should hear something soon.
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    Thanks for the update.

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    I received my confirmatin last week.

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