Hello All.. Jan 17 at 4.30 am a huge fire broke out in my workshop. I lost 40 years of possesions including my current ride which was a 2009 K1300 gt. all my restored BSA motorcycles for a total of 9 bikes my boat ,hovercraft, a totally self sufficient garage with every conceivable tool. several snowmobiles the list goes on and on. Estimates of well over 300,000 damages. Everything is still under the rubble . Should have an excavator in this week fine print in my insurance willing. The fire being forge hot left nothing but aluminum puddles and twisted steel , no salvage. My point here is not for pity but rather to inform you of the need to keep your policy up to date and reviewed by your lawyer. I unfortunately will take a huge financial hit as most of the above will see no coverage. Being retired for 12 years I cant get it back. If I can save one of you members the anquish I am now experiencing than I concider myself a good MOA member. Please get out your insurance policy asap. Sandford