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    Update your insurance

    Hello All.. Jan 17 at 4.30 am a huge fire broke out in my workshop. I lost 40 years of possesions including my current ride which was a 2009 K1300 gt. all my restored BSA motorcycles for a total of 9 bikes my boat ,hovercraft, a totally self sufficient garage with every conceivable tool. several snowmobiles the list goes on and on. Estimates of well over 300,000 damages. Everything is still under the rubble . Should have an excavator in this week fine print in my insurance willing. The fire being forge hot left nothing but aluminum puddles and twisted steel , no salvage. My point here is not for pity but rather to inform you of the need to keep your policy up to date and reviewed by your lawyer. I unfortunately will take a huge financial hit as most of the above will see no coverage. Being retired for 12 years I cant get it back. If I can save one of you members the anquish I am now experiencing than I concider myself a good MOA member. Please get out your insurance policy asap. Sandford

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    I'm sorry for your loss, Sandford. Thank you for the reminder.
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    I am also sorry to hear of this. From you post it sounds like you anticipate trouble with an insurance company. However this pans out it sounds like our members could learn from the experience.
    I'm going to move this to the Motorrad section so a larger audience can follow along. Good luck. Gary
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    Really sorry to hear of your misfortune. I've only had one insurance claim in 40 yrs of houses, motorcycles, boats, and vehicles. I really hope #2 never happens, and try to be as prepared as possible. Your comments are a definate reminder to check my policies. Wishing you the best to cut your losses.
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    Very sorry to hear this

    Sanford - it's very hard to even imagine what this feels like, I hope you'll recover as much as possible... if not financially at least emotionally.

    Trying very hard not to be nosy, but could you give us a general sense of what happened?

    At $150/hour and up, it could cost you more than the policy itself to get a lawyer to review an explain it to you. And it's pretty clear that the insurance companies don't go overboard in explaining a policy using plain language.

    The homeowners policy we have with Allstate is so weasel-worded that it's nearly impossible to understand what is and isn't covered. I do know that our house in the mountains is covered in the case of a flood, but heaven help me if rain washing down from the mountains erodes our hillside, or if there is an earthquake.

    Sure hope it works out for you as well as possible.

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    LOL & hope you can regain you hobby soon. Reminds me of my folks having a kitchen fire when I was a kid & I remember their their concern when the Ins. Co. started to depreciate there pots & pans,etc.. Seriously, they got so little from that stuff that it took a hard toll on their pocketbook to come up with cooking items-which obviously were purchased mostly new as replacements. Hopefully you had actual cash value on contents. Reminds me that while my shop is covered as a farm building that I need to review contents coverage.
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