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    Question Fuel mileage question

    I have a low mileage,10,000, '98 R1100r. I am getting about 35 mpg. Is this normal? I don't ride her hard at all. She has new plugs, the valves are adjusted correctly and a new fuel and air filter. Thanks.

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    No, that sounds about 20% low to me. Even flogging my R11S still won't drive my mpg that low. i'd double check on those valves, then do an accurate TBS.
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    Thanks bikerfish1100. I'll give those a try. I did adjust the valves already so I'll double check 'em.

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    That is way low. My 94 RS has a Techlusion I installed and a modified muffler (my own internals in the stock muffler, K&N air filter. Even at 170,000 miles on the bike I am still consistently in the 42 to 45 mpg range. I don't baby it either.

    Could also be the TPS setting. I played around with mine in the past and got lousy gas mileage if the TPS is set to make the bike run rich. The TPS is very sensitive to adjustment and you need a decent quality VOM to set it. Check your plug color because it bet the plugs ar black from running too rich. Also, I bet your bike does not "pop" out the exhaust at all on decel with the clutch lever out (what a lot of people mistakenly call "backfiring" which it is not). If you get the bike set up properly to bring your fuel mileage up to the mid 40's you'll likely get popping in the exhaust on decel (clutch lever out). If it happens it is totally normal and not detrimental to the engine in any way.

    I have played around with both the Techlusion settings and the TPS and I now can get to 45mpg and better depending on conditions.

    Oh, don't forget to check that a critter hasn't made a nest in the air filter box. If the bike is starved for air it will run rich.
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