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Thread: Tablet owners-What motorcycle magazines do you get on your tablet?

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    Tablet owners-What motorcycle magazines do you get on your tablet?

    So, I have a quick question for those with tablets. What motorcycle magazines do you get & read on your tablet. What tablet and size screen do you have? Also, what are the pluses and minuses compared to the hard copy version. What do you guys/gals due about reading the Owner's News (aka ON)?

    I'm looking to purchase a tablet if I can get end up reading most of the magazines on it.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: I thought I'd add what magazines I current read. They are Rider, Motorcyclist and ON. I considering getting Motorcycle Consumer News.
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    I have a subscription to Rider on my ipad. It is inexpensive in print and electronically. I enjoy reading it on the ipad just a much as when I used to get the print version. Plus you get to zoom in on the pictures and the text. No reading glasses needed.

    I do feel that electronic versions should be less money. They are the same content as print, still include advertising, but don't have the paper as a cost. I'm willing to say there are distribution costs for both. Just the materials are more for print. If there were a discount on more mags for the e-version then I'd probably subscribe to more mags. I only get four total and two are club/org membership ones. The other is Road Runner and I can read that one online if I choose, but just in a browser and since it is flash based, not on my ipad.
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