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Thread: 1990 R100RT clutch sticking

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    1990 R100RT clutch sticking

    I left my R100RT on the back of our motorhome in Florida while we flew home for Christmass & New Years. After 30 days away the bike was hard to start draining the carbs fixed that. The clutch makes a binding noise when I pull the clutch handle and grabs when released slowly.I have lubed the cable and leavers but it made no differance. The free travel of the cable is smooth. I can hear the springs in the clutch when I pull the leaver and something sounds dry. All was good when I left the bike what did the weather do to it? Cheers Bob

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    Transmission input splines (which the clutch disk slides on) might be gumming and/or not sliding as it should. I suspect you'll need to dive in for some servicing.
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    I agree, the salt air has most likely corroded the input shaft and clutch spline. The clutch cable, if factory, is lined and should not be lubed.

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    My RT was the same way when I bought it last spring. Several experienced RT friends, including a BMW wrench, all said the same thing, "it just needs to be used". In my case, they were correct. After a couple of thousand miles it did clear up.
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    Thanks for all the replys.I went to the grocery store in Cedar Key and bought some 3in1 oil and lubed the linkage. After sitting all night all is working smoothly this morring. The heat and dew is what did it in. Cheers Bob

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