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Thread: Washington state rally this year?

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    Washington state rally this year?

    Hey! Any news out there on the likelihood of a Washington rally? Sure would be nice since the National is so close! And it would be good to know so we could make plans!
    Just dreaming of where to ride this summer!
    Any news would be great!
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    Direct From their Website.


    Thursday 25 July ~ Sunday 28 July 2013

    Republic Washington ~ Ferry County Fairgrounds

    48? 39.027' N, 118? 41.444' W, elevation 2,329 ft.

    The Cascade Country Rendezvous is being held at the Ferry County Fairgrounds just outside the pleasant town of Republic Washington. The local roads are fantastic!

    Register early to guarantee a custom-sized shirt and to save money! WSBMWR welcomes motorcycle enthusiasts on all makes and models to share in fun and camaraderie. All participants are required to sign a release at the registration desk prior to entry, ride quasi-legally, and not piss off the locals. The rally is the highlight of Washington's BMW riding season!

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    After the National in Boregon head North up into WA.
    Head East at Exit #230...
    Stop in Winthrop for a burger and a beer... Or Pie.

    Head for The Coulee Dam.

    Ride that area for a bit and then head to this other rally!

    You can thank me later!

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