This might apply to any and all BMW stock factory radios but I have a 1996 r1100rt. I was going to replace the broken stock BMW radio with one from a salvaged bike (not an after-market upgrade). Problem is that the seller of the radio does not have the "code" to un-lock it. My experience has been that whenever I had to do some work on the bike in the past that required me to disconnect the battery the little red radio power light would "light-up" but would not function until I entered the BMW code that was written down in my owners manual. Can a dealer find that code for me from this salvage unit or is there some other way to open it? Understandably it is an anti-theft thing.
I don't really listen to music/radio when I ride but when I'm taking a break I sometimes do. And I don't like having anything on the bike not working.
Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated.

Mike Wex (Wekselblatt)
'96 r1100rt