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Thread: Chicago Motorcycle Show

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    Chicago Motorcycle Show

    Anybody know anything about it? Will BMWNA be there with bikes? Jon

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    Yes they will.
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    IMHO, Friday is the best day. Fewer people.

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    Thumbs up

    BMW was well-represented at the IMS in Chicago this year! The display was BIG, bright and not so crowded that large groups could comfortably gather at any particular model or demo. Corporate BMW did a nice job with their venue, centrally located in the convention hall, and I hope this marks the return of a permanent presence at these shows.

    Bob Aldridge and Sue Rihn were all smiles at the BMW MOA booth as well, and offered advice, information and assistance to all whom passed within their sphere of friendly "Hello's"

    Good show!
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    Chicago Motorcycle Show

    I was looking for the MOA booth and couldn't find it. Bet I walked right past it. Saturday it was PACKED

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    Yes, the MOA booth was on a "side street" . I suggested to Bob Aldridge and Chuck Manley that while their ruggedly handsome faces might attract a few of the fairer sex to the BMW booth, someone female in hot pants and a BMW-themed bodice might attract a little more attention from the average show-goer. Earlier, I saw Jacqui Van Ham working for Twisted Throttle and was trying to get her back to "man' the MOA booth, but
    she had wisely fled..... Ah well Mac
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    Chicago Motorcycle show

    ....was my first ever motorcycle show. I was fortunate enough to 'officially' be part of the UPCruising team and their booth which was located at a corner side street near the Indian motorcycles. I was there just for Saturday and agree....LOTS of people. For me, there was just sooo much to see, I couldn't take it all in. One thing I was short of was $$$$$. My wish list could have satisfied a few times over. One of the items I most appreciated was trying on a Shoei Neotec helmet. Up here in the northern Michigan, there are only limited inventories of helmets at the few dealers that are around, and ordering a helmet untried would not be good.

    Other highlights included seeing the stunt show, the retro-styled Honda CB1100, and meeting some friends from the Grand Rapids/Holland, Michigan area.

    I am also not a big fan of city driving. Let's just say 'if you don't take the correct exit ramp, you may just end up in parking garage at O'hare.'
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