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Thread: New member from Quebec

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    Left Coast Canada
    Bienvenue,mon ami.Nous avons besoin de plus Canadiens ici,les Americains,bien bon jolis comme ils sont,nous moquent de temps en temps.
    Moi,04 K1200GT et 95 R100RT.

    Bon ride que tu as!
    Sometimes,nothing is a real cool hand.

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    Laval, Quebec, Canada
    Salut jgr451,
    dans quelle r?®gion te trouves-tu ??? Moi je suis ?á Laval, pr?¿s de Montr?®al. Il ne manque plus que les repose-pieds en chrome et le Beemer va rouler. C'est un retour pour moi apr?¿s plus de 25 ans. Je me suis inscrit ?á une formation de 25 heures au d?®but mai pour reprendre le beat de la moto. Bien h?óte de rouler avec mon BMW. Yvan

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    Quote Originally Posted by carmyvan View Post
    Hi Rob,
    Nice trip your planning there. Of particular in the Lac St-Jean area is the St-F?®licien zoo where you ride in in a grilled trolley and the animals ( bears, caribou, wolves, moose, etc ....) are free roaming in a gigantic enclosed area (many acres ). Manic 5 is something to see as it is huge and I've worked there in the mid-sixties as a blaster to blast away the two main tunnel (50 feet diameter ) bringing the water to the turbines. Tadoussac is very nice in the summer with good hotel to stay. The water front in Sept-Iles is a good place to get all kind of fresh seafood. The road is excellent from Sept-Iles to Natashquan with little traffic, gas station far apart and friendly millions of bugs to welcome you. Bring lots of bugs dope/ insect repellent. In summer, with no wind, they'll keep you busy. If you can bring a fishing rod because there's good speckle trout fishing in that area. Have fun !!!! Yvan
    Thanks for the update. We might check out the zoo. Happy to hear that the road is in good shape. I cannot wait to go to MANIC-5,,,apparantly ,, this road is very it. Those darn bugs...those critters grow to a good size, up in quebec. Went to james bay via ROUTE DE LA BAIE JAMES last summer ( last week of june ) and we had to pick a windy spots to stop so that we did not get eaten alive by the flies. I truly enjoyed that the way, that is a nice ride you got yourself. Congrats. Happy trails...wave,wave .....rob.

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