Well, here goes, in a moment of weakness, I purchased a complete motorcycle in Idaho on Ebay. It seems that I bid really low and didn't expect to get it. So a few days later, I was notified I was a WINNER. (or Looser). Now I have to go get it from PA.

SO, here are some thoughts
1. I take the Sprinter Van motor home (17MPG) with a trailer for TWO Bikes ( Motor H sleeps 3)
2. Pick up bike ride for 2 weeks and return with bike and Motorhome.
3. PICK up bike, ride for two weeks leave in DENVER or some other easy access city, store bike and motor home and fly back to PA, returning in June for Top Of a Rockie and the MOA, than back to Denver, truck bike (bikes) back with Motorhome and trailer.

4. Fly out, pick up Bike, ride for one week, ride it back. to Pa.

If any one interested in sharing costs on first 3 items and come out with me let me know. I intend to stay in the Motorhome, moving it every 3 days while exploring. Other options include camping and or moteling it.