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Thread: stalling - gt 650

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    stalling and surging is back

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    See JiminSF earlier post

    [On my bike, they readapted the fuel injection, adjusted what I think they said was the idle stepper motor, and also rerouted the evap canister hose, which was clearly incorrectly routed on my bike.]

    I had been experiencing this problem since early December and was not having any success getting it resolved with the dealer or customer service. They insisted that the dealer needed to be able to replicate the issue before anything could be done, regardless of all of the anecdotal information being discussed on the many forums. I couldn't get it to replicate for the dealer and they couldn't either. I read a riders comment on the webbikeworld scooter blog that when you open the throttle very gradually and you feel it start to stumble at 2500 to 3000 RPM snap the throttle closed and it will often stall. I took it to the dealer with all of printed materials and included JiminSF's information from his earlier post. The dealer has remapped the computer and I would bet if you take it in they can get it fixed now. If they can't have them call the service manager from BMW Motorcycles Fort Worth and speak to the Service Manager Ryan.

    I have had almost all of the issues discussed in these forums and blogs and I love this Scooter I ride it every chance I get now have over 6600 miles just around town. Best of Luck.

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