A question that is probably very stupid, but here it is anyway.

I took my R75/5 on a quick errand the other day. After about 10 minutes I came back and there was a guy standing by it who wanted to chat. Not unusual. But then he said that the headlight was on, so he had turned it off for me. Well, that's weird, but I said "thank you," etc.

Thinking that this probably wasn't possible as I had taken the key out, I took a closer look when I got back. Fiddling with the "flasher" switch on the left, I discovered that indeed, the very tiny spring and circlip were gone and that the flasher could now stay in the down position without springing back!

Annoying, but I happened to have an extra switch so I swapped them out to return the spring to the flasher.

Getting back to the question here - Is the flasher supposed to work even with the ignition key removed?? It most certainly does as it is now, just wondering if maybe there is something askew in the ignition switch assembly...

Appreciate your help, patience and understanding.