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Thread: "Search" is overlaid with a bunch of other stuff

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    "Search" is overlaid with a bunch of other stuff

    Hey, and surely NOT to be picky as I really appreciate the work it has taken to get the "bugs" eliminated from the recent go round with virus/hacking..........Anyway...........

    I needed to do a search in past airhead threads for an answer to post for a "new guy" a couple of days ago and when I went looking for the term "SEARCH" it took forever to find it hidden under something else that I cannot make out. Contact? Then when I went there it really is NOT a straight forward type search to enter a word and then identify where to search; but had to figure out which tab to hit to tell it what kind of search I wanted.........Anyway.... I know now

    Again, thanks for WHAT YOU GUYS DO for the rest of us to keep this place going...........God bless.......Dennis

    NEW FLASH....A few minutes later than the above.....I do most of my navigation and stuff with my "favorites" column exposed in the window as I am on the site for when I finish up with "BMW STUFF" I then begin looking at my tractor or Airstream "favorites"......I just now shut "favorites" down and THERE IT big as non-problem?.........Well, if i shut down "favorites" it isn't but otherwise it is...........ahhhhhhh the small and petty?.........THANKS

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    Hi Dennis, this has come up before and it seems to be a "resolution" kinda deal. The MOA "tool bar" is rather long-

    The Club
    News & Features
    Ride & Tour
    International Rally
    BMW Owners News
    Flea Market
    If your screen/ monitor is running at say 150% the tools don't fit and there is an overlap. It seems on a regular size monitor adjusted to 100% all is fine. I find I have an overlap on the small screen on the IPhone. If you continue to see the "problem", try adjusting your screen. I'm just working around it on the IP.
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    On a Windows based machine, hold down the control key and then depress the minus sign key. The image on the screen will shrink. Repeat until the menu bar all fits across the top. You might not be able to read much in the forum contents below (the menu is way too wide) but you will be able to access the search box.

    Then control plus sign will put it back where you can read stuff.
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    Thanks guys. This takes me back to the days of "work arounds". That was when one figured out a couple of little tricks to get the job done on a computer, despite the small problems encountered. So, as I stated above, for me, the trick is to just shut "favorites" down to see the whole line or just KNOW that under that blur is "Search".........Thanks again.......God bless.........Dennis

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