Hello everyone!

I am now the proud owner of a 1978 R100S, 45k miles. Been wanting one of these since I was growing up!! (Dad loves it, too) Yay! Extremely excited! It does need some TLC. The brake failure light comes on intermittently, thinking fluid low? Rear shocks are shot, and I know I need to go through all the fluids, make sure splines are lubed, air filter, carbs, etc. I would like to try and find some good used shocks as I'm not prepared to spend $400 on new ones yet. Where are some good places to look? I've been watching the Flea market, ebay and Internet BMW Riders.

Also need:

-New rubber seal for the(tool?) tray above the battery
-Owners Manual
-Repair/service manual, looking for recommendations?
-right mirror

Will be looking for your expertise(s) on getting this beautiful bike in tip top form! A big thank you everyone for your help thus far!!! It is most appreciated