I just got my Membership Renewal with my ON. RENEW ONLINE NOW it says, just go to www.bmwmoa,org.

Cool, this will only take a second.

Where now? The Club > Membership? Sounds logical.

A Membership Renewal link. Nothing there like that.

Discounts & Upgrades. Nope.

Back track to Membership > Benefits

No RENEWAL button at the top. Dang...

Cloth Patch. Anonymous Book. BMW Owners News. More Discounts & Upgrade (duplicated). BMW Performance Center.
Still no RENEWAL information.

Last paragraph at the bottom of the page...

Please visit our Online Membership page and start experiencing the multitude of fun and
enjoyment (not to mention SUPER exciting times) to be shared with fellow BMW people in your
home town, local state, across the country and around the world!
Okay... Online Membership page. Maybe it's there. What?!?! Another log-in page?! (I am logged-in) Which brings me to my Account Management page. Maybe it's under Account Summary. Nope. Dead link. Ah Hah! Membership Status!!!

I finally figgered it out, but wouldn't a simple on the HOME PAGE be easier?

It would certainly be appreciated.