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Thread: HELP HELP Uni-go Problem, unexpected disaster , need help

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrtnfischer View Post
    I find these title / registration problems fascinating. Canada doesn't even have motor vehicle titles.

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    My advice would be to search for title company that will generate a title for you in Nevada. There are several. I have bought collector bikes at the Midwest Auctions in Las Vegas and done this. They generate a title search and title for you that you simply turn in to your state for its title. Very reasonable. Sorry I do not remember the names of the title and license services. Perhaps Midwest Auctions in St. Paul MN would have thier contact information.

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    Title available in Nevada and can also regester in Maine

    OK, looks like they want about 200 USD to do research and do the paper work, I have contacted them after looking on the web.

    I have also sent info to Maine, who can also register the Uni-go.

    So looks like the problem is being solved.

    Many thanks for your concern... Happy riding

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    In washington with a bill a bill of sale you can apply for a lost title, you get a temp registration and a title three years later.

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    Some states don't require you to be a resident to either title or register a vehicle or get a driver's license. ( NJ is one of them) Crazy, I agree. You could just ask if Indiana allows this, and just register it in your name in Indiana.

    Or, like another poster suggested just tell them you made the trailer and they'll assign you a VIN.
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