I bought the bike new, even saw it in the crate and put together in 04. I took it in for the 600 mile service but that was the last time the dealer had their hands on it. I have done the oil changes way ahead of time, they say 6000 miles i say 3000 on eng oil and most of the time i do the trans and diff oil at those intervals. With only 17,000 on it now it did not get rode like i wanted untill i retired recently and now i have fell in love with the bike again. I knew i was messing up on the brake fluid flush but the fluid looked good through the site windows and down by your right foot. Anyway i got a break in the weather bit the bullet and went to the dealer to catch her up on some maintenance and i wanted to learn how. I watched and took notes on the procedures. The mechanic asked me is this really the first time this has been done as the fluid color was not really off much from new fluid and the screens in the ABS pump were clean. We did the valves, they were somewhat loose, and synchronized the throttle bodys. I wanted to see the alt belt, it was fine but BMW has got a special tool to adjust that of course. He hooked it up to the computer and there were no codes. Now that i am not afraid to do the fluid flush after i get the funnel and the bent just right wrench to loosen the bleeders on the ABS pump i will do this job myself more often. I am courious why the old fluid looked so good. I have adjusted valves on air heads before but paid the dealer to go through this also with me, neat trick putting all four feeler gauges in at the same time to get things right. The ride home did feel good and she did start up good and is quieter, now all i need is some better weather.