Don, mine also has (had since it is now sold) wasted spark, this system does not get rid of it, just gives you two circuits, one for each coil. I could tell when I timed it with one timing light I saw two timing marks, like I did with points on my R90S before it was dual plugged and had a Dyna III. That is because the timing chain gets longer as time goes on, causing incorrect timing on one side. When I reversed the plug wires so each coil fired plugs on each side of the bike I still got two marks about 1/8 apart.

When I used two timing lights, one from each coil buy on the same cylinder with swapped plug wires, I could see multiple timing marks, that is the two pairs already mentioned about 1/4 inch apart. I tried moving the pickups on the rotor plate and I could get the marks close, but never on top of each other, meaning one plug still fired first with the swapped plug wires. Thus, swapping plug wires on dual plug bikes with dual pickups is probably a waste of time since the plug that fires first would ignite the gas, the second plug would be firing too late to do anything.