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Thread: 1978 R100/7 recommended Spark Plug ? / Recommended Oil - Synthetic? Regular? Brand?

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    I've got friends with OTR trucks and bypass systems with over 1/4 million miles without an oil change. That said, the bypass system has two different stations and when those filters are changed at filter change intervals I believe that's about 5-6 gallons of oil out of the total 15 or so gallons in the system every 25k or so. It's been several years since I looked into them and don't remember all the details now. They send in oil for analysis each time as well. It definitely saves a huge amount of oil compared to the not uncommon "change the oil every xK miles" that the oil/auto companies preached for so long.

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    I have been running Valvoline regular 20/50 for over 25 years & 400,000 miles on my RS.

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