I am in Ohio, where currently it is frigid and cold, and am wondering what some of you think about:

Spark Plugs

What is the current number(s), Brand(s) that are most recommended for reliability for spark plugs?

Do people use/recommend various heat ranges? If so, under what circumstances do I use which one?


Also what oils are most recommended?

Is is OK to switch completely to synthetic.

I just got back into the BMW family, and way back when (late 70's, early 80's) on the /5 bikes, the consensus opinion was to avoid any synthetics, but I suspect their apprehensions were unfounded simply because synthetics were new on the scene.

However, now, with the latest advances in synthetic technology I would guess that some have tried and now swear by some form of synthetic oil. What brand/viscosity?

BTW, I have read the oil report, and found it not very helpful. I suspect that some of you have some valued experiential knowledge.

What do you suggest for both of these questions?