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Thread: Fuel gauge

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    Fuel gauge

    Yesterday I went riding, yes there is 6 inches of snow on the ground but it was 6 degrees celsius (about 40) all went well. At the end of my ride I filled with gas till I could see it. This way it was stored with a full tank with stabilizer just in case I did not get out again.

    Today was warm again so I went out again. All went well except that my fuel gauge only showed 3/4 of a tank and I rode about 3 miles opened the fuel cap and I could see the fuel still so I do know the tank was full, anyone else experience this.

    It was such a nice day I had to throw the picture in.
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    Nothing like that, but once I filled it and it only went up to 7/8. The next time I started it though, it showed full, so I figured the sensor was just taking its time.

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