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Thread: Great customer service from Sena

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    Great customer service from Sena

    I want to commend Sena for their excellent customer service. I sent them a message asking where I could buy the little foam microphone protector, and they immediately sent me a few, free of charge. Plus, the SMH-10 is really, really a wonderful product.

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    Ha ha

    the old adage. "If you are happy with our service tell others, if not tell us". There are great suppliers out there. I have used Sena products and good to know they are that supportive of their product.

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    I haven't needed their customer service yet, but I love our SMH-10's. We currently have three...might need an additional soon.

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    I bought my SMH-10 in April of 2011 when they were still on version 1 with the non-usb power hook up. A few months ago after riding in a rainstorm my unit started acting weird and then started acting right after sitting in a bag of rice for a day but the phone button on the back was only working when it wanted to. Earlier this week I finally contacted them about it (they have a 2 year warranty) and they gave me a RMA number and told me to send it in.

    I'm currently waiting on the outcome but I'm expecting to get a new unit with the way their customer service has been described.

    It's been the single best com unit I've ever used.

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    Thanks for sharing. Wish I'd seen this before I bought the Scala, or as I like to call it the slot machine comm system. Sometimes you win, but mostly you just spend your time going, "are you there? hello? can you hear me? I can hear you now, wait, hello?...
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