I finally got around to rewiring the accessory outlets and adding some to the used 2009 RT I recently bought. I couldn't see paying $60+ for one of the fuse boxes like Fuzebox, Centec, etc. for just a fancy fuse holder. Instead I bought a watertight fuse box from a local hardware store for $12 and added some scraps of metal I had around. The cover of the fuse box has a rubber gasket and looks water proof. I've seen them online for cheaper. The left three fuses are wired directly to the battery and the right three are after an ignition-triggered relay. The relay is mounted to an aluminum bracket with a ground buss. I have two unused fuse slots left. Just thought I'd post pictures in case someone wanted an alternate for the standard fuse boxes.

As seen from the right side of the bike:

As seen from the left rear: