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Thread: Any 'bread bakers' on here?

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    Any 'bread bakers' on here?

    I've always liked the kitchen, but never was much of a 'baker'. Well, now I'm starting to bake breads. Not cakes, not pastries, but honest to goodness breads. Anybody have any recipes to share with me? Dark breads, rye, and French and Italian loaves is what I'm after. No bread machine, I mix in a Kitchen-Aid and bake in the oven.

    PM me or share on here for all to see..

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    I'm married to a "my baker". She had our 3 yr old GD kneeding pizza dough Sat.. Try homemade pizza like this: In better weather we grill them on outside grill-get ingredients ready(you don't have time to mess around once this process starts) to toss on the dough!!! On a hot grill toss the pizza dough, which is covered in olive oil on the bottom side and grill. Coat top side with oil when done ,remove, flip(to grill bottom side) place sauce,goodies & cheese on 1st grilled side & place back on grill.May lower cover to melt in the cheese but watch carefully or the dough will burn. This is done directly on grill , no foil,etc.. Much like stone oven pizza. Some people go to Whole Foods for specialty flours, we use regular flour.
    My wife has an excellent yeast roll recipe that you can bake & freeze, then pop out when needed. Beg for it & I'll email it
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    I've been making bread for a couple of years now. I usually end up freezing half of what I make to enjoy later. There are a couple of really good places for bread recipes. American Test Kitchen is very good in explaining each step. Recently I've taken a video class from Craftsy done by Peter Reinhart. He also has a book on artisan breads with great recipes.

    I think the bread makers should get together with the beer makes at the rally. Any cheese makers out there?
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    I found a book called "Artisan Bread in only 5 minutes a day" The recipie works great. You bake using a pizza stone & store the dough in the fridge. Really easy to make & bake.

    A friend turned me on to this site:

    Her bread really tastes great, has a better crust than mine did, but you leave the dough out for 18 hours or so... I am going to try to combine the 2 methods. Baking in the cast iron pot, but using my fridge dough... We'll see tonight...


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    I've been baking off and on for about 25 years. Just started doing it a bit more regularly in the past 4, when I got a starter going. I picked up "Breads of the La Brea Bakery' by Nancy Silverton. She explains how to start and care for a starter and has a lot of nice recipes as well. Once I got the hang of her basic loaves, I started improvising and making changes.

    I use a lot of ancient grain flours (Emmer, Faro, Teff, Spelt, Quinoa) instead of regular wheat/white flour to make this indulgence just a little better for me. I add a lot of different things as well.... green onion, walnuts, sun dried tomatoes, sprouted grains, etc.

    Rye, farro with onion and spelt berries:

    Emmer with any kind of seed I could find: poppy, sesame, ground flax, etc


    Plain ole white sour dough:
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    I took some cooking classes in Italy that included some work with bread. I will have to tell you this recipe has yet to fail me and super easy. Not learned in Italy but I think you will enjoy. Watch the video and follow it.

    Ken Denton

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