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Thread: gps wire routing '06 R1200RT

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    gps wire routing '06 R1200RT

    I wonder if anyone has any ideas how to neatly run the power wire from a gps mounted on a wunderlich dash mount to the accessory plug underneath on a 06 R1200 RT ? Thanks
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    I have the exact setup on my 09 RT. I did not want to cut any wires in case me or someone else wanted a different set up down the road. The wire from the gps fits nicely in the groove between the clear plastic nacell and the dash panel. I just pressed the wire in the groove at the top and ran it around to the bottom. I planned on using a hot glue gun to secure the wire but it hasn't budged just by pressing in it.

    Underneath I just looped the harness and secured it to the frame with wire ties under the dash. No drilling, very easy. Took 5 minutes. I can try to take pic if you like.

    Good luck.
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    My first post on here!

    I just mounted my GPS on a wonderlich mount on my new-to-me RT. I didn't want to mess with drilling anything just yet, so i routed the wire over to the top of the windscreen riser. If you watch the windscreen go up and down you'll notice the very top of it never interferes with the gap in the top of the dashboard. I used a cutoff zip-tie to hold down the wire.

    Here's how it looks:

    Just need to find better screws and paint the heads black!

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    Geozad (real name? We're friendly around here..)

    Please read: You might imagine that you'll get more relevant replies if people who own the same bike and have installed a GPS open the thread, so I've added that info to your thread title. Please do so yourself in future posts to the tech forums.

    BTW - adding your name to your "SIG" (look under "Settings" at the top of the page, then under "My Profile" "Edit Signature") makes this a painless exercise, it will be automatically added to every post you make (just like mine below), and adding some other info like bike year/model and perhaps your location will help people think of you as a person, not an alias named "Geozad".. Just a thought.

    Also - Welcome to the forums!
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