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Thread: 1995 R100R/GS Engine Cover

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    1995 R100R/GS Engine Cover

    Hi Folks,

    I am doing a valve check on two bikes. 1995 R100R and 1995 R100GS PD. They both have oil coolers. On my R90/6, I just pull the valve covers and turn the rear wheel to move the flywheel to get to TDC. However, on the '95's, the manual says to pull front engine cover off so I can get to TDC from the front.


    Removing the front cover seems to be a pain because the oil cooler is in the way. Cover won't slip down behind the oil cooler. Do I need to remove the oil cooler?

    Can't I just use the same method as my R90/6? Does the flywheel have markings on it for TDC, etc.?

    If I have to remove the front cover, do I need to unhook the battery so the front cover doesn't short anything out on the front of the motor?

    Thanks for your help...

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    In a word, yes. That is, just like your R90. No need to remove the cover, but if you do, disconnect the battery first. Markings are there on flywheel too.


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