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Thread: Swapping out lamps for LED's in guage cluster ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by snookers View Post
    Thanks to all for the replies.........I love it when I can learn from asking questions. What I intend to do is to swap out the incandescent bulbs in the speedo and tach with LED's.......I am also swapping out the turn signal lamps with LED' if they are too bright, this for me at least, will be a good thing as perhaps I won't be inclined to leave my signals on after making a turn. The other warning lamps will remain as they are since they will most likely never burn out as they aren't illuminated for very long anyways. The 3 watt battery/alternator lamp will also remain, and I will definitly aquire a spare.
    Please post back regarding the green LEDs I am most curious if they will be brighter.
    They will get your attention better as they are instant on and off.
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    Well the deed is done...........................
    I swapped out the incandescent bulbs in the Speedo and Tach with red led's, and I must say that the change is quite significant. Easy on the eyes as well. The incandescent bulbs in the turn signal indicators were also swapped out with green LED's.......they are really shimmering emeralds. A seperate red LED was installed over the three switch's on the dash panel no more fumbling at night as to what is what. The light streaming towards the left side of the speedo is from that LED. A small cover to direct the light to the switch's only will be installed soon.
    This was a good mod.


    The LED's were a tad pricey, but with that said, I got what I wanted and am pleased with the results.
    The bulb/Led's used are the #24 "Superstar" High-Flux low profile Leds With Lens Covers located about a third way down their web page
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