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Thread: BMW Las Vegas

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    BMW Las Vegas

    I was in Las Vegas last week for a little vacation. (why go there? GF's idea)

    When traveling I try to stop at BMW dealers and pick up T-shirts. I am not overly picky, or cheap, but I have to tell you I usually do not come away with the warm and fuzzies. I find most BMW dealers to be aloof and somewhat less than friendly....That is the nicest way I can put it.

    I visited Las Vegas BMW on Friday morning. Bright, modern, fantsatic looking store with a great selection of bikes (Husqvarna & BMW) and nice offereings of OE and aftermarket parts and gear.

    I walked around and found a couple of T-shirts and stickers I liked and was greeted warmly by everyone I encountered.

    When I mentioned that I was going to be doing some sightseeing via rental car the staff went into tour guide mode. Pulling up and printing maps for me, telling me little anecdotal stories about rides around the area & sharing the best places to eat & the often overlooked sightseeing gems in the mountains and deserts surrounding Vegas. These guys went all out and well beyond what I expected.

    This is how it is supposed to work.

    Yes, I bought a few things, but the profit they made on those things was small compared to the investment in time they gave me.

    I'm a fan.

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    Nice to hear there's a dealer that still gives a ......

    A few years ago I wandered arount at Bogart's in Birmingham for about 30 minutes. Not a soul spoke to me. They went out of business.
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    Our dealer in Long beach ca has always had very positive attitude with customers, very willing to spend time with you even if your just window shopping
    Good find in Vegas now stay off the strip

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    Sounds like it would only have been better if they set you up with a demo bike to go with that map. I'm lucky that my dealer here in Grand Rapids, MI has a great crew working there from the front end to the shop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Acejones View Post
    Nice to hear there's a dealer that still gives a ......

    A few years ago I wandered arount at Bogart's in Birmingham for about 30 minutes. Not a soul spoke to me. They went out of business.

    Yep, I had the same experience there as well.

    All of my bikes have come from Grass Roots in Cape Girardeau MO. I started dealing with them when I lived there. I kept dealing with the even when I moved 200 miles away (even when I had a dealer 10 miles from my new house)

    Now I live 600 miles from them. They are still great friends, but logistically it is going to be hard to continue to be a (service & new bike) customer.

    I am a very big fan of the brand for a number of reasons, but I'm not sure I would be a BMW rider because of the attitude of many of the dealers.

    I'm lucky that I got started with Grass Roots, looks to me like the guys in Las Vegas are very similar to work with. BMW should be thankful for having these types of dealers in their network.

    Their corporate store in Manhattan? What a rude & poor excuse for a motorcycle retailer.

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    BMW St Louis

    I would have to say we have a great dealer here in St. Louis MO with Gateway BMW always fast and friendly service and help anytime you need it! On top of that the coffee is always on and hot!

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    It's great in Albuquerque
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    It's not just the BMW dealers, folks. The problem is endemic in the motorcycle business, in my experience. Salespeople don't know their product, service techs are rushed and aren't familiar with all the models they work on, managers and owners don't stand behind their work or workers. Owners aren't on-site.

    I bought a Honda ST1300 in 2003 when they were new and could forgive the saleman and service department for their lack of knowledge... for a while. But a year later it was obvious they didn't know and didn't care so I took my business to another dealer who was better, but not much. When I got the bike back home after a fork seal replacement and found some of the fork pinch bolts only finger tight, I gave up on them, too. Doing the work myself, which I do as much as possible, is the only way to ensure the quality of work. Buy the bike from the cheapest dealer and hopefully never see them again.

    That said, I have established a good relationship with the dealer who sold me my 2011 R-RT. The sales experience was pleasant, service work prompt and correctly done, and all employees are friendly and seem to be glad they work there. I can't say all or most BMW shops are that way, and I certainly won't say all Honda shops are bad. The "old school" bike shop is pretty much a thing of the past - you know, the kind of place where the owner loves bikes, works on bikes, helps in parts and sales, and will chat with a customer for half and hour. If you find one of those shops keep them in business. And bring donuts.


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    We have that at Eurocycles of Tampa Bay. The owner, Aaron Sprague, is a round-the-world rider and serious enthusiast. Everyone at the shop is a bike nut and will chat with you no end. Great master Ducati and BMW techs in the service dept, too. An awesome dealership!

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    BMW of Las Vegas is top notch. Wife and I flew in from MD and rented a R1200RT from them. They couldn't have been more friendly and helpful with maps and suggestions. We had a great time touring the Grand Canyon and parts thereabouts.

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    BMW LV is are a very nice bunch. I stopped in for a shirt, they offered to let me test ride the S1000RR just because I was looking at it. I passed since I had no intention of buying one. They have the coolest business cards too. A poker chip!
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    Seeing as we're handing out kudos, I have to compliment the service department at Vancouver BMW/Ducati.

    Visiting buddy of mine had an issue with his 1200S just hours before we were to leave on an extended tour. They cleared the decks and put their best guys on a fuel injection issue which caused intermittent super-rich running. Fixed the problem (broken O2 sensor wire making intermittent connection) and had us on our way in no time. Full credit to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCQTT View Post
    Their corporate store in Manhattan? What a rude & poor excuse for a motorcycle retailer.
    boy howdy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lkchris View Post
    It's great in Albuquerque
    +1 for Albuquerque. Four years ago enroute home from Louisville, KY to home with my new to me S, had to stop to get a new rear tire installed. Sort of anticipated the need for a tire on this trip, but major detour required by blizzards throughout the Rockies caused an unplanned halt in the travel plan.

    Service manager and his shop crew had me back on the road in very short order!


    PS. Since we're handing out kudos, here's a shout out too for South Sound BMW near Tacoma.
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    BTW, we in the ATL are blessed with two very good dealers, BMW Atlanta and Blue Moon Cycles.


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