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Thread: BMW Las Vegas

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    Quote Originally Posted by martyhill View Post
    Probably a good idea but I've had bad experiences at 2 dealers that others rave about. One highly spoken of dealer in la. charged me $95 to install a rear tire on my 12GS while I was traveling cross country.
    Why is that a bad experience?

    Did they do a poor job? Did they damage your motorcycle?

    Did they charge you more than they would have charged anybody else?

    "Good" and "cheap" are not synonymous and in fact I'd expect poor work when it's cheap.

    There's ZERO entitlement to cheap motorcycling.
    Kent Christensen
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    I was at the Vegas dealership summer before last with my son and can echo your impressions of a friendly helpful staff. I'm proud to wear one of their shop t-shirts to rallies, etc.
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