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Thread: BMW Las Vegas

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    I like this thread. We have traveled all over and been to too many dealerships over the years. There are more good ones than bad ones in my experience. But I have discovered that dealerships are, when all is said and done, people. I had a less than stellar experience at a dealership once trying to buy a tire. But a year later when I equally badly needed a tire I got fast, professional, friendly, helpful service at the same place. The jerk that I dealt with a year earlier was nowhere to be found.

    If I try to list all of the good dealers I have visited in the past few years I know I'll leave some off, but here is a start:

    Engle Motors - Kansas City - I've had good dealings with them since 1983
    Gina's BMW - Iowa City
    Grassroots BMW - Cape Giradeau, MO
    Bentonville BMW, Bentonville, AR
    Lonestar BMW, San Antonio, TX
    Mac's Cycle Center, Clarkston, WA
    Franks, Essex, VT
    Nicks, Wisconsin
    Big Twin, Boise, ID
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    Quote Originally Posted by TinyTrains View Post
    They have the coolest business cards too. A poker chip!
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    I picked up a very low mileage ( a long trip from Las Vegas to TX) K12S at the Mercedes dealership near San Antonio...had that poker chip/keyfob.
    Seems the guy won big, bought a K12S, rode it to Texas and traded it in on a Mercedes

    Anyways, some great dealers out there as listed.
    Steve Henson
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    BMW Dealers, Indianapolis

    I bought my K1600GTL from BMW of Indianapolis, Falcone Powersports and was treated very well. Charlie Muecke, who sold me the bike was very accommodating and presented a very fair trade on my old bike. Everyone I met was very friendly and relaxed. I highly recommend them.

    Jeff Bernel
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    NC and SC

    The new dealer in Asheville,NC is really good as well as the one in Greenville, SC where I purchased my RT in 2008. Maybe it has something to do with being in the Carolinas.
    Mo Shaffer
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    Could we take info like this and put it into an ongoing poll of some sort. You know, your out on vacation and have problem with your bike, so you look online to see MOA members overall attitude about the local dealers. Something like Yelp, but just for bike dealerships across the country. Instead of five stars, we could use roundels
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    When I was a kid in Topeka ,KS, circa 1950's & lived on a bicycle every day we would invade the local Harley dealer on West 6th & after an hour or so of what had to be tolerance, he'd come & run us off for the day. Many was the hour that I dreamed of riding a MC in that shop! It later turned into a beer joint & I think is now a small animal vet. Now, they are a really big show in the huge old limestone county road garage on Topeka Ave., with a restaurant & the whole show!I've never been in there because the "Harley Pill" didn't become an addiction, like the "Brit Bike Pill"! Have we come full circle from the dark, greasy dealer's of my youth with their chrome laden treasures that went zoom/zoom?
    Yep, it's about people for sure, unless you want to talk which place has the most stuff/inventory or the fanciest bldg.. For starters, I'm not in that hate on stores,stop shopping at whichever one because I get one nasty or inept clerk.It's amazing how many people I've met that do that, like it's a personal payback when it's usually that one person that caused the issue-now if it was the owner of that business or that one inescapable employee that expressed poor choices or bad decisions or service , I'd bolt for another dealer/store too. This includes wally world for me as those folks need the job too & which mom & pop store throws lots of $$$ at their employees anyway? Been there, done that, having worked several years for a despicable super market owner, where "mom & pop" owned and hung around the store.
    I've told this a few times but as I live near no BMW dealers,pull my own wrenches & having only been in one,Mexico City, they were as uppity & unfriendly as you can get. I was wearing my standard jeans/T-shirt attire, so not as scruffy as I sometimes appear and they watched me like I was a known felon/shop-lifter/bad dude as I cruised the goodies for a few minutes, then "escaped to the parts department where my friend was busy being overcharged for a few brake parts. Maybe they could "smell my lack of pesos"? Now BMW car dealers-I don't see them acting any diff than the rest which can be a humorous affair, when you love lot lizards like me.
    But, as they say-different strokes for different folks- & obviously what works for you may not be my happy spot...
    P.S., I ought to be in the shop but it's too damned cold here to warm it up today!!!
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    Pandora's in Chattanooga

    Yes it is all about the people and Pandora's BMW in Chattanooga TN is right up there. Most of the Alabama Club riders go there or to Atlanta BMW.
    Jim Dubick
    Boaz, Alabama

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    Quote Originally Posted by na1g View Post
    It's not just the BMW dealers, folks. The problem is endemic in the motorcycle business, in my experience. Salespeople don't know their product, service techs are rushed and aren't familiar with all the models they work on, managers and owners don't stand behind their work or workers. Owners aren't on-site.

    I bought a Honda ST1300 in 2003 when they were new and could forgive the saleman and service department for their lack of knowledge... for a while.
    Well, it's a little different at a Mercedes or Porsche dealership than at a Chevy or Honda dealership and you might give that some thought and grasp the difference.

    I'd offer that when folks are in the market for something high-end rather than just looking for the cheapest, things get different. BMW motorcycles are high end.

    Pretty much the definition of "professional" is being the best and being paid accordingly.

    And, if there are still BMW motorcycle dealerships that try to cater to the cheapskates in motorcycling, well they won't be doing that for much longer. It's lots easier to be friendly to and go out of your way for someone that will appreciate what you do for them and be willing to pay you to do it.

    Those who think competent service is an "entitlement" are simply mistaken and unclear on the concept.

    I've visited the Las Vegas dealership too and it's impressive but not surprising IMHO.
    Kent Christensen
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    I'll add that Leo's South in Minnesota is a great dealership. Friendly people and good service.

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    Blue Moon

    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post
    BTW, we in the ATL are blessed with two very good dealers, BMW Atlanta and Blue Moon Cycles.

    Blue Moon helped me out on a Saturday that they were having their annual flea market/swap meet/ cookout. I rode in with thread showing on the rear around noon on Saturday. They had my bike fitted with a new Z8 in less than an hour and I accepted their invitation to stay for the entertainment and food. I also found some neat items from the swap meet. I have since run into John at two national rallies and some local and regional meets. He always says hello and invites me back. It is worth a trip to his shop to look at his colletion of old bikes too.
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    Good Dealerships

    I want to sing the praises of two BMW dealers: Mac's Cycle in Clarkston, WA, just across the Snake River from my home in Lewiston, ID, and Cycle Specialties in my former home, Modesto, CA. The people in both places are friendly and know their stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARGENT BRICK View Post
    Could we take info like this and put it into an ongoing poll of some sort. You know, your out on vacation and have problem with your bike, so you look online to see MOA members overall attitude about the local dealers. Something like Yelp, but just for bike dealerships across the country. Instead of five stars, we could use roundels
    Probably a good idea but I've had bad experiences at 2 dealers that others rave about. One highly spoken of dealer in la. charged me $95 to install a rear tire on my 12GS while I was traveling cross country. Yes, I had the tire with me as I was on a long trip and had no idea when I'd need it. I should mention that this happened back in '05 when I would assume prices were lower than now.

    I've had very positive dealings with dealers that others blast.
    Marty Hill
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    I rode to Las Vegas last summer (yes, it was hot!) and got a set of tires and an oil & filter change at BMW of Las Vegas. In that relatively short span of time, it certainly seemed to be a well-run, professional shop with lots of friendly people working there. Did I mention that it's hot there the first week of August?
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    I have visited the Las Vegas dealer a couple of time and the staff are very helpful and the T shirts great.

    The last visit during the second week of Jan (sneaked off from a day at CES) was to rent an R1200GS for the day. Minor confusion about if I had reserved a GS or RT but otherwise all went smoothly and I drove around 350 miles through Death Valley which was fabulous.

    Mechanically the bike seemed ok but I was a little surprised at the high mileage, > 40,000, and quite a few minor problems (left hand heated grip not working, right hand guard broken, panniers both battered).

    I also got stopped for 55 in a 35 in Pahrump, used my best English accent and we chatted about where I was heading and the bike while my licence was run, I got lucky

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    If anyone ever finds themselves in Pensacola, FL, I've had really positive experiences with the local dealership. I bought my F800R used, instead of new from them and I still receive great service and I visit the store about once a month to talk and sit on some of the bikes. Very friendly bunch!

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