I like this thread. We have traveled all over and been to too many dealerships over the years. There are more good ones than bad ones in my experience. But I have discovered that dealerships are, when all is said and done, people. I had a less than stellar experience at a dealership once trying to buy a tire. But a year later when I equally badly needed a tire I got fast, professional, friendly, helpful service at the same place. The jerk that I dealt with a year earlier was nowhere to be found.

If I try to list all of the good dealers I have visited in the past few years I know I'll leave some off, but here is a start:

Engle Motors - Kansas City - I've had good dealings with them since 1983
Gina's BMW - Iowa City
Grassroots BMW - Cape Giradeau, MO
Bentonville BMW, Bentonville, AR
Lonestar BMW, San Antonio, TX
Mac's Cycle Center, Clarkston, WA
Franks, Essex, VT
Nicks, Wisconsin
Big Twin, Boise, ID