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The big thing is that you have to have a plan and be realistic. Age is an issue, I'm currently 64 and realize that my strength, reaction time etc are less/slower than they used to be and ride accordingly. Type/size of bike may also enter into the picture and I take my riding days a year at a time.

As individuals we have to make the choice based on our own abilities and not what somebody else is doing. Yes there are 85 yr olds riding motorcycles but that doesn't mean they should be.

I agree with all of this. My "plan" is to ride [a motorcycle] as long as I can safely [for myself & others]...then perhaps a sidecar..or maybe a scooter, and just stay local,no X-ways. I seriously doubt most 80+ yr,old's SHOULD be riding a M/C. And if I'm not able to safely,... long before that? I hope I'm smart enough to realize it...