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I remember a discussion at some time in the past, that this was NOT what the offers in the Anonymous book were for. They are intended to provide a place to stay in emergencies, not for moochers.
First I wouldn't call someone traveling on a budget, a moocher. In fact I somewhat envy people that can do it on a shoe string budget!

Next if you check the box offering camping and tent space, sheltered bed roll space, spare room, coffee and conversation, offer tools, workspace, I would say you would NOT consider someone a moocher that took you up on your offer, anytime.

If you don't want to be bothered don't put your name in the book, or check choice "E" which stands for EMERGENCY ONLY.

I have contacted people on various websites when looking for a place to park a car and trailer many times and always found people friendly and helpful, and pleased to help. But you may be right with some in Anonymous, there are a lot of up tight BMW riders out there, luckily there are more friendly ones, to offset the balance.