I just bought a beautiful 1999 R1100R, and am having great fun planning a "Bucket-List" ride this spring. The "plan" is to Start here in the swamps of central Florida and eventually end up at my family's, in the Mountains of New Hampshire. For me, unfortunately, the length of this adventure is mainly dependent on daily "on the road" costs..
I recall, way back, that around $100.00 a day would cover fuel, food (cheep dinner / "Subway" lunch / diner breakfast) and a "mom and pop" over-nite motel.....but now.??
I'm sure you-all have some ideas about what's now a realistic amount to budget. I really want to have fun and take my time / enjoy the ride (200-250 mile days MAX) W/O rushing along to save $..ALSO....At this point, it appears I'll be doing this "solo", so I must foot the overnite costs alone....
All advice greatly appreciated !!