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Thread: Service facilities near Moab/Grand Junction??

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    Service facilities near Moab/Grand Junction??

    Good morning all,

    A musician friend of one of my riding pals lives in Moab. He's riding a 2003 R1150R with over 35K miles that has not seen any kind of service since 10K miles!!!

    After we both blasted him for neglecting the bike, he says he's not a mechanic but a musician. Does'nt know or care to learn the basics of maintenance.

    My pal said he did a quick BMW dealer seach, could find nothing in that geograpical area.

    Any of the inmates here have any ideas or knowledge of a qualified wrench or shop in the area????

    Thanks in advance,

    Dan Learned
    Escondido, Ca

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    Grand Junction, CO 113 miles away

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    Quote Originally Posted by limecreek View Post
    Grand Junction, CO 113 miles away
    And 1/2 of that is a great ride up Route 128.
    The BMW service place is located within a HD dealership, just off of I-70 in Grand Junction.

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