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The guy in Canada was GSAddict but it was a high quality hardened and longer input shaft he was offering, not a clutch disc like Bruno. Reason for high cost was the machining was very precise, the steel specially hardened and the very low volume. I think he was trying to get a group of orders together to reduce cost but folks balked at the price probably not realizing what was involved. There was almost zero profit in it. I've seen the second prototype and it is a thing of beauty and much better than an original shaft that extends properly through all the length of the clutch splines.

It's been in his bike for quite some time now but the test is a very long term project.
from talking to him, i had no doubt as to the practicality of the shaft, it sounded well thought out. the numbers were just not conducive to high volume production. and, for most ofus, i think the demise of a shaft ws considered to be a "maybe" rather than a definite, and likely length of ownership and miles accumulated were not likely to lead to purchasing something at 3x the cost of OEM.
so, not having one of his shafts... we lube.