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Thread: 2003 R1150RT To lube the spline or not to lube the spline

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    2003 R1150RT To lube the spline or not to lube the spline

    Hi all,

    I purchased a 2003 R1150RT with 27K on it last year. I have been very happy with it and want it to last. That being said I'm tipping in at about 300 LBS and ride reasonably aggressively. Of course the best thing to do would be to lose weight but seeing as I, in essence, ride 2 up all the time I am wondering about if and when I should have the spines lubed. I have a great mechanic who I trust to do the job but I question if and when I need to do it. The bike has 38K on it now and at first I was thinking I would have it done at 40K. I am experiencing no unusual symptoms and have no concerns about the bike. My only real concern is about what I have read regarding spline failure and possible prevention. Any opinions?


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    every 40-50K is a good idea in general (so asserts PG). Your extra weight probably does not impact spline lube wear. Once your bike starts experiencing symptoms (difficulty downshifting, usually 3 to 2 or 4 to 3), you have only a few thousand miles before full failure happens. And Murphy's Law tells us that will NOT happen anywhere convenient. I'd do it this winter if it was my bike.
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    You can also check the condition of the splines by pulling the starter off and looking into the slot. Tie off the clutch lever, then rotate the clutch disk back and forth with a small tool. The disk and the splines should turn in unison. If not, you have problems.

    Here's a youtube video that will give you the idea. He has a small amout of movement.

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    Thanks guys, I am now planning on having it lubed before 40K

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    There are a few good threads started offering pictorials of the service, take advantage of them here in this forum.

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    Worth watching, no affiliation and haven't tried myself yet. Sounds like the m/c was one with the worst factory defect of mis-aligned engine - transmission to fail drastically and quickly and repeat.

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